Recreation & Sport Shooting Systems

iScore Recreation and Sport Shooting Products

iScore Recreation and Sportive Shooting Products are developed for use with 10m ISSF shooting disciplines and 10m, 15m increased shooting, air pistol and rifle shooting and Airsoft weapons.

iScore Electronic Biathlon Target

It has been developed to perform fun shooting competitions for recreation and sports purposes, for personal and group use. With its remote control, any of the 4 fun games in its memory can be started. Can be used portably in indoor and outdoor areas without the need for extra power thanks to its internal battery. It can be used with weapons consisting of various pistols and rifles using 6mm plastic BB. When you shoot hit, it informs you with LED colour change and "TINN" metal hit sound. You can carry out fun competitions including "how many hits you will make" and "how many randomly changing targets you will hit" in a certain period of time.

  General Specifications
- AirSoft 6mm BB Gun Support
- 59,5mm Target Diameter
- Powerful LED Backlighting
Green, Blue, White and Red Game
- Remote Control
- 4 Game Modes
- 650x200x180mm Dimensions
- Durable 2,5mm Steel Armour
- Adjustable Movable Tripod Stand
- You Win, You Lose Sounds
- Special Hit Sounds
- Adjustable Volume
- Modular and Easy Installation
- Internal Rechargeable Battery
- Optional 2 Digit Hit Counter
- Supports Indoor and Outdoor Use
- No Maintenance Required


iScore Recreational and Sport Shooting Target

iScore Recreational & Sportive Game is an Olympic-based game with the most modern technology developed to provide participants with pleasant moments with shooting sport, one of the oldest activities in history, that can be used safely with all Air and AirSoft weapons.

You can add unique innovations to your Recreation and Sports activities. You can have your activity that you can set up in just a few minutes with a low budget without making large facility investments, allocating very large areas.

  General Specifications
- Air and AirSoft 6mm BB Gun
- 59,5mm Black Target Diameter
- Optional Powerful LED Backlight
- ISSF Pistol Target Standard
- 170x170mm Target Area
18,5" Touch Screen Portable
- 20 Person Tournament Support
- Durable 3mm Steel Armour
- Adjustable Movable Tripod Stand
- Competition Result Screen
- Internal bullet trap
- Customisable Target Screen
- Modular and Easy Installation
- 10m Plug and Play Wired Connection
- Optional Black Roll Target
- Supports Indoor and Outdoor Usage
- No Maintenance Required

iScore Recreational and Sport Shooting Tournaments

With tournament support, it supports you to realise fun and competitive competitions by instantly scoring the participants hitting places on the target on the touch screen tablet computer.