Why iScore?

Increases interest in shooting activity

Shooting is one of the most popular and oldest activities in history. iScore provides a high-level experience to shooters by integrating today's indispensable technologies such as phones, tablets and computers into target systems. Since users use these technologies that they are accustomed to from their daily lives in shooting activities, they are not alienated from the sports branch and do not get bored. They are user friendly thanks to their advanced advanced technologies. Receiving instant scores during the shooting activity creates excitement between the shooter and the audience and creates sportive competition. The resulting sense of competition turns into pleasant memories for the audience and increases the interest in shooting activity day by day.

Increases training efficiency in shooting

iScore targets instantly provide an accurate score of the shot, including coordinates. The shooter does not have to interpret the hit location on the target or change cards.

Training efficiency is also increased as the athlete uses his/her time to concentrate only on his/her shooting.

Coaches report a very high increase in training efficiency when working with the iScore electronic target.

Low operating costs

iScore Electronic Targets give instant points without waiting and effortlessly. In shooting ranges, there is no need for personnel to perform services such as changing and repairing targets, marking the shooting location, target reading.

Expert shooting stand attendants are not required. Since fewer personnel services are required, operating costs are also reduced.

In addition, operating costs are also reduced due to the reduction in the number of target cards and consumables used.

Creates modern shooting ranges

Target systems are the most important component of shooting ranges. Unlike conventional targets, instant scores on electronic targets include the picture, coordinates and number of the shot.
iScore technologies offer great convenience to users and spectators. Shooting ranges with electronic targets are more popular than traditional ranges.

Electronic target systems are used in the construction of shooting ranges in today's technology standards. iScore electronic target systems transform shooting activities into an international standard. 

Easy to use and install


Their installation is simple thanks to the plug-and-play system. They do not require special installation, adjustments and calibration.

They can be used as built-in wired or modularly in the field with battery or Wi-Fi connection at increased distances up to 3km.

There are no intensive maintenance requirements. 

Increase audience enjoyment

With our tournament solutions for monitoring and evaluating the score results, we increase the enjoyment of the spectators from the activity.

Instantly refreshing the results and presenting them to the audience increases the excitement and viewing pleasure.


Unlimited technical support

If you have iScore products, you can benefit from fast and unlimited technical support. You can get technical support on any subject remotely via e-mail, telephone and whatsup. You can also benefit from on-site technical service and product demo services. iScore products are developed with the primary goal of achieving 100% customer satisfaction. We sincerely inform you that we are open to your questions, comments and suggestions on every subject.

High Accuracy and Advanced Technology Content

iScore products are developed by combining hardware and software features that include scientific and technological

iScore uses several technologies for electronic scoring, such as closed chamber acoustic measurement and open system for supersonic measurement. Each technology has its own specific characteristics and advantages depending on the type of shooting you are involved in.

The unique iScore technology uses 4 or 8 acoustic sensors depending on the target type.These sensors are placed on the axes and corners of the target. It provides high accuracy thanks to specially developed "sensor data processing" software.

iScore accuracy is 0.01-0.03mm depending on different target types. It provides accuracy in accordance with ISSF Standards.

iScore targets are tested with a unique 3-step verification method. Two test simulators have been developed by iScore. These are Electronic and Virtual shooting simulators.

The accuracy of the electronic shooting simulator is very close to one hundred per cent. With this simulator, shooting can be done in many different areas. The locations of the shots are precisely detected with an error close to zero. In this way, electronic hardware and software verification is performed.

The virtual shooting simulator can fire hundreds of shots at the same point with a precision of >0.01mm. iScore accurately returns targets with an accuracy of 0.01mm for all shots made! All shots are always in the same place.

As the last simple test, real shooting with ammunition and parallax error control are performed. iScore targets don't make mistakes.

iScore uses a closed room system for outdoor targets. That is, acoustic sensors are placed inside a room protected from the environment. Sensors are not affected by weather conditions. Dust, rain, snow etc. It does not reach the sensors and does not disrupt the performance of the sensor. The air inside the room does not move, ensuring optimum accuracy. With an open system, target accuracy will be negatively affected in windy conditions.

Closed-chamber acoustic targets are still the best and most reliable way to create high-power electronic targets.

An intelligent Windows-based ( Win7/8/10) software has been developed for iScore products. iScore products are used with special computer models with touch screens suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Shooters can also use iScore software on personal computers. All iScore targets use adjustable LED backlight systems. 

Industrial Strong Mechanical Design

Made from high quality profesional and replaceable mechanical parts.

Weak metal materials such as aluminum are not used in any of our targets.

Rivets are never used in mechanical connections. We strengthen all mechanical connections by welding.
Replaceable chrome-plated metal hinge and lock systems are used in our targets.
Most parts of our strong targets are made from solid metal zamac and steel.

The target frame and mounting parts are made of 2.5 - 6mm steel.Replaceable protection armors 6 -12mm Hardox steel.
Metal parts are painted with electrostatic epoxy powder paint and baked.

We have designed our products so that they are durable and reliable and can be used for many years.
All systems require low maintenance.
Mechanical parts can be easily replaced.

iScore electronic targets are designed to be used at the indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. Our targets are designed and manufactured in IP65 rating.