Thank you for your interest in iScore "Intelligent Scoring Technologies".

iScore was founded in 2013 to develop and manufacture shooting products that use "Intelligent Scoring" technology for the first time in the World. Our products are pioneering the target systems of the future with their flexible and user-friendly features. Shooters form a special bond with their weapons and personalize them. With iScore, shooters, clubs and ranges can now have a special bond with their scoring systems. They can customize their scoring systems and personalize them with different add-ons they can imagine. iScore surprises its users and makes their dreams come true.

iScore is based on high level of design, accuracy, robustness and customizable features of its products with its highly experienced, dynamic engineer team.

iScore aims to provide its users with a stylish and elitist experience with its mold-breaking design approach. iScore focuses on flexible customer experience to internalize technology and capture the future. We can always redesign and adapt our products to meet modern technical and quality requirements. We can design custom solutions according to your needs and help you with our expert knowledge to maximize your shooting activities.

iScore in the field of Intelligent Scoring Technologies,

  • Olympic Shooting Scoring Systems at ISSF standards
  • Ballistic Shooting Scoring Systems
  • Military and Security Forces Shooting Systems
  • Design and Construction of Shooting Ranges
  • Sports and Entertainment Shooting Games
  • VR Virtual Shooting Simulators

,developing products and services in their fields.

We are happy to bring a new level of excitement and enjoyment to the world of shooting sports and look forward to helping you access our iScore Intelligent Shooting Technologies.

iScore promises to provide you with free support in the field of shooting technologies through our "Unique Unlimited Support Service". Just send us your question. You can also benefit from our "Free Demo" service for all our products.